Indea srl - Solar hybrid heat pump systems

Energy Saving

The systems allow to reduce the consumption of both electricity and gas reducing the cost of utility bills and CO2 emissions into atmosphere.



Design is essential lines, minimals and harmonious, but also respect for the architecture of the building. Design is also getting the maximum of every detail, even functional.


Hybrid and integration. Intelligence and Italian know how. The best technology available to everyone.




What is Revo

REVO is the first hybrid solar module native.
It is available in the following kits:

– AKUA (electricity and hot water)
– KORUS (electricity, hot water and cooling)
– TINK (hot water and heating)

ELOS is the revolutionary high efficiency heat pump that is used in the KORUS and TINK kits.


Revo - solar hybrid module

Korus.. Amazing!

1+1= Revo

Did you know?

Tax deduction

Contact your tax office, to know if in your country there are some tax deduction, for energy saving measures. It could be the  right moment.


Heat pump

Uses the physical principle of the refrigeration cycle and moves the heat from a heat source to another, using of a small amount of electricity.


Solar hybrid

Allows to electrically power the heat pump and to provide, simultaneously, the heat source for its operation.



Some banks are encouraging investments in energy saving, thanks to some promotional initiatives at a subsidized rate.


Coefficient di performance

Is the ratio of benefit thermal and electrical expenditure. Thanks to this parameter, the heat pump is the most efficient thermal machine ever.


Free hot water

Revo modules allow to provide free domestic hot water from the sun, by bypassing heat pump.


Economic return

When saving operation is targeted and not speculative, the economic return of investment is from 5 to 7 years, resulting convenient.


Thermal sources

The sources of heat for the heat pump can be the ground water, the heat of the ground, or the heat from the solar modules hybrids.


Most electricity production

Lowering the operating temperature of the photovoltaic cells, it has a greater power production.


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